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Two Deaths and a tree fall

When pandemic hit it was eye opening search for job like a mad man, getting more aggravated with politics. Opening Pandora's box all these new channels, started watching videos, what is being reported, it’s crazy to see what is factual what is fake, it was eye opening. Right side left side just being informed, and most people were not, lot of people were seeing headlines spreading rumors. I was trolling data on the web to find the truth about all these things in the news. using different apps blocking, disable presidents’ rights etc. everything is such a turm oil.

Two family deaths during this time and many thoughts running in our mind whether your allowed to attend, it is dangerous, but it was family and we had to pay respect to our elders. We chose to attend one of them and came out safely. It is hard time for everyone and everything.

While all this was happening, a tree fell on my fence, my neighbors was on my property. I had to go through my insurance but not his. We had to pay to have this removed from my structure. He was nice to allow us to have stuff removed, it was my deductible, and it was eye opening. What they covered for fence and repair so I can save some money. I was able to complete some work to cover my losses.

Part of the money came right away from the insurance company. We were then getting the vendor in, crane to cut the tree, fence supplies, after fence was up they wanted pictures. Insurance did not care I had a commercial fence; they wanted my 15 years ago receipts. It was crazy collecting all the proofs. It took over 2 months, no choice with the process but it was crazy, and so frustrated. Vendor got their guy for fence who was not qualified so it was too time consuming, in the need I did what they allowed me to do. There was a lot of back and forth – I did get all the money I wanted to fix the damages.

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