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Three things I learnt about cooking..

All of a sudden its fall of 2020, and we are living the new normal. I have always been a food junkie, I enjoy cooking, feeding friends, and exploring new tastes and cuisine. Most restaurant food, I feel loses the quality in transit, so I almost alway decide to cook it myself at home for us. I tried many new things from a new a different momo sauce, salmon on a plank (pic below) to my own version of kung-pao chicken. Food is fun a complete distressed for me for sure.

An interesting experience I had was not matter what type of food you cook, paying attention to salt makes or breaks your dish. I know there are people out there with totally different definition of what is good amount of salt vs. what is more or less, but I feel I have a general compass of just enough to make the food taste good. Another things that I feel plays a key role while cooking is the attention to detail, I know people who will dump everything into a pan and expect a delicious meal, unfortunately that always results in pretty non-tasty food. Paying attention to oil, heat, salt, smell, are key to cooking. How you interpret this could be very different for each person, but focusing on this can take your cooking to another level. Finally what I found was that procrastinating when cooking or thinking of a recipe too much always leads to destruction - yes, start with something and organically adding ingredients always has an fantastic result. These are some things I hope you can try next time to make something taste amazing. Tell me if they worked for you or didn’t, would love to hear from you.

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