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The Little Sponge that could...

In today's info-demic, it's hard to know what *really* is happening in other parts of the country. With family living in a small rural community and me living in a large metropolitan area, I was able to compare notes. I didn't have to rely solely on major media outlets' filtered news stories.

So, what is happening?

NYC & NJ kept restaurants open with outdoor patios replacing parallel parking spots. Creative agencies designed and sold custom merch for small businesses really hurting. New ideas blossomed.

My husband and I transplanted NYC's ingenuity into our rural hometown. We started The ER Project to get the word out about these efforts and duplicated the tactics (with our own spin of course). Life isn't about waiting for things to happen to us, or "to go back to normal". It is about contributing to the world. Pointing to examples that work. Trying. Moving. Adapting.

Location : NYC, NY

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