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The Balancing Act

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

When work and life happens from the same place.

The new normal seams like a crazy thing. We have two boys, 2 and 6. Our 6-year-old was ready to start 1st grade, sadly he will not experience his first day of school in-person. My wife and I totally underestimated the effort it will take us to have a child in virtual school and taking care of 2 yr. old, wait to add to this both me and my wife work full time. So, given all of this we really struggled to stay calm and some days we had no time to eat lunch. This whole work and life balance took a serious toll on us, mental pressure and anxiety were a few things we didn’t experience a day without. In order to better plan our day my wife and I employed these strategies:

  • Be open with your office management about your work routine

  • Catch-up every night before going to bed on each other meeting calendars/schedule

  • Identify who will take which part of the day taking care of our little one, who will make lunch, etc..

  • Spend extra time with your school going children to ensure they understand what’s being taught (my wife’s expertise)

Seldom did we truly enjoy the experiences as added work pressure led to more stress. Finally, we are at a point where we could arrange for some help and got back into a decent routine.

Location : New Jersey, USA

Published Date : Jan 28th 2021

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