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- Negative baby!

So my cousin visited me from Texas. He felt some basic symptoms flying back to Texas and after 9 days I woke up to a message saying he tested positive for COVID. I was scared as I got this news after 9 days and in the interim I met a couple of friends, although I was asymptomatic I wanted ensure I didn’t spread so decided to go for a quick test.

In NYC, City MD urgent care across broad street and registered with my name and phone. At that point they will tell you how long it will take for test. They said about 2 hours but it took almost 3.5 hours before I was called in for the test, the message said if I don’t get there in 30 mins I will lose the slot. Luckily I made it in time. I gave insurance information and any other specifics they needed.

There is three total test , rapid test you get your results same day with a accuracy percentage of 90%, the other one is PCR test and the third one is antibody test. PCR test takes a couple of days which is 95% accurate. I chose with PCR and rapid test. I left, and in about 40 mins I got my rapid test results - Negative, and PCR test results came back in a day and that was negative also. I do have to say PCR was a painful test, they use the swab and they go deep and when I say deep..really deep.

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