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Lost and Found Job!

In February 2020, I lost my job and I started applying like crazy, but the market was over saturated.

job hunting was nuts. I had to tell myself not to get desperate. Got in through some initial round with some companies and they were

all low-balling salaries. While all this was happening, my wife broker her elbow and it was nightmare. We met several doctors and finally took her to ortho, with COVID-19 it was all more complex. 2 plates and 24 screws in her arm, so I was pretty much around helping cooking cleaning etc. As weeks passed, she got much better. Job searching was not easy, some key pain points where that there was a lot of competitions and I interviewed about 5 rounds only for them to say no. I recommended Jr. people for the same roles who were paid less – they got interviews, but they were pass over.

One crazy observation during one company’s selection process had an aptitude test 50 questions 15 mins, could only get to 30 in that time, maybe I am getting old but that was fast and may be needed someone smarter than me. I want to work for a company that values my skills and abilities.

Finally, through word of mouth, I landed on an opportunity in August and employed since. This was a roller coaster ride for sure to add to COVID coaster.

Write : Seasoned and Committed Professional

Location : NJ USA

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