Hopeful at the end of it all.

We’ve been lucky enough downunder to have minimal distributions to our life because of Covid. And having already been working from home, I did not notice too much change to my day to day. But I miss overseas travel so much.

Like many though, a disruption to my gym routine caused some weight gain.

As the months went on it spiralled a bit out of control. Facing down yet another diet to gain control (the latest in a long list spanning 30 years), I decided to F*** it. Or rather, I changed ‘my feed’ and found The F*** It Diet. Months later, the restrict/binge cycle is over and I have stopped obsessing about food. Still lots of work to do on body image and joyful movement, but I feel hopeful. In hindsight, slowing down kind of forced me to do a lot of uncomfortable self-reflection. One story of many...

Writer : Thoughtful young person

Location : Australia

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