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Everything Changed

As a 10 year old, life in 2020 really was a year to remember. So much was going on in sports, school, and the way I spent time with friends. Things in 2020 didn’t start out that well, the pandemic came in November 2019, which meant school was still there, just not as serious as we take it now. We didn’t have to take mask to school or anything like that and in fact, nothing happened to anyone. Doctors weren’t advising anything, we were all living normal lives until March 2020. March is when school closed, and swimming closed. Then, too, everything was really different, everyone was running to stores to buy everything. Everything in the store sold out quickly. Chicken, toilet paper, everything in the normal household was like finding diamonds or gold. Even my house for me was boring, all it was like during the lock down was being stuck in a fancy place, not being able to interact with someone was very hard with all of this.

2020 summer is when everything turned around for the first time. I got to go out without a mask. I felt so relieved just seeing people in masks, made it difficult not being able to tell what they are feeling or just seeing someone smile makes you happy, but not being able to see anyone’s face kind of made me a bit sad. So back to the summer, my dad and I with my mom - everyday we went out playing frisbee, riding bike, and doing challenges. My mom used to sit there and watch all of us, play through out the summer. He taught me all types of tricks and because of him, I know how to ride without holding the handle bar. There were sprinklers in the summer to keep the grass green, some times I would play in them, if I couldn’t get wet, I took an umbrella and tried not to get wet. After trying to get away with that attempt, I used to walk in the little puddles in the drive way. We have large backyard space, so we built a patio, fire place, and even a giant swing. Since no summer camp, we camped in our yard, I slept for like good 4 hours one day. On Independence Day we set up a small stage and performed on it and someone brought a flag. We did photo shoot and that was the summer of my life. Next up, was mom’s birthday, she got 4 cakes, then my dad’s birthday which was movie-themed, then my birthday - personally mine was the best. My birthday theme was “Donut” grow-up, we stayed within a small friend group and I loved every moment. Before I knew it, I am going to a NY party, I loved that year even if had a rocky start, it was a happily ever after story.

Writer : A 10 year old

Location : NJ, USA

Published : Jan 31st, 2021

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