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Craigslist Works...

Our work setting changed from in-person to completely remote. Well this comes with certain amazing perks and we decided we no longer need our 2nd car so we chose to save that money and sell our car. Had many thoughts on who, how, and where and finally decided to simply take a few good pics and post on Craigslist. My father in law is a master at this, he bought and sold many cars using this method and it really works. Once I posted my 2018 Mazda CX-9, I got several responses in the next hour or so, mostly scam. An interesting story, one scammer said to me if you like my offer, I will send you a check in the mail and you can ship the car! I chuckled when this happened on the phone. Anyway moving to a real person - I got a text asking if they can come test drive, Given COVID I had no idea how this would work. I mean what if I got COVID from this particular activity, so wasn’t sure but I had to bite the bullet and tell that person to come over for a ride to my home.

I financed my Car so obviously it wasn’t fully paid yet so I wasn’t sure how this whole process worked, my friend google helped me out quickly and I was confident I can go through this process without paying a lawyer. The day this person showed up for a test ride she brought 2 additional people with her, and was dressed like a nurse - I further wondered, hospital work + COVID, this could be a real issue. I had lysol wipes ready to wipe the entire car down once this test ride was over. It feels like I am exxagerating but this was true. She liked the test drive and we negotiated on a price which worked for us both. She came the next day, paid me, and took the car and the title to DMV for registration. I think the experience here was no different but at the end of the day I was able to sell my car and save some dollars for sure.

So don’t do to a dealership they will rip you apart with crazy offers, try on Craigslist, this may work out well for you.

Writer : Seller of the car

Location : Allentown, PA

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