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Mixed effects of the pandemic

Like everyone, we started storing food and water in preparations for an extended lockdown. Meanwhile, the worst of humankind was on full display, people fighting for toilet paper rolls made news headlines. One would rather die of an infection, but the butthole had to sparkle. Anyways, to each its own, things were going to get difficult for everyone. The first few months were nothing short of a nightmare, working remotely and raising small kids was never going to be easy, but sanitizing onions and broccolis from the grocery store was next level of insanity, the 5 second rule ceased to exist.

Our vacation plans got cancelled, and the idea of all-inclusive turned all-illusive. Doomsday was here and it looked like it would take a miracle to survive the odds, stopping only to marvel at the bravery and selflessness of healthcare professionals. However, amidst the gloom, the pandemic provided us with an opportunity to spend more time with family, watch our little ones grow, and we realized that one cannot put a price tag on this bliss. The stress of commuting to Office was gone, and the Netflix /Prime subscriptions were coming in handy, even turning my wife pseudo Korean.

Thanks to Youtube, the master chef in me was out. Although I did not win anything, I did manage to reconnect with old companions, potbelly and double chin. We slowly started meeting our friends and created a bubble of our own to maintain sanity. We celebrated our kids birthdays, friend’s personal and professional successes and the medley of festivals that came along.

Barring a minor scare, when the babysitter quarantined for 14 days, my wife and I went numb, losing our sense of taste and time, well, at least metaphorically, overwhelmed by the idea of our work and kids breathing down our neck. Nonetheless, life seemed to be coming back to normal, and we, like everyone else, got used to living with the Corona Virus. We ended the year, with an epic New Year party, thankful that our friends and family survived the torrid time, and came out unscathed. Moreover, the news of a vaccine was reassuring, perhaps, there is light at the end of this long tunnel…

Writer : Optimist, Father of 2

Location : NJ, USA

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